'Nothings Gonna Keep You Here'

'Nothings Gonna Keep You Here'


Oakland Gallery, Victoria Road, New Brighton.

24th Nov - 23 Dec 2023

'Nothings Gonna Keep You Here' was an exhibition I curated in November 2023, I wanted to put together an exhibition featuring artists who are from or are currently living in New Brighton.. Oakland Gallery in Victoria Road, New Brighton seemed like the ideal location. The exhibition featured artworks from Mike Carney (who also created all of the promotional materials for us, thanks Mike!), Martin Carr (previously from the Boo Radleys - this was also his debut art exhibition), Henry Finney, Dylan McDonnell, Janine Pinion, Kay Wood and myself. Running for four weeks the exhibition gained some rave reviews (links below), and we had numerous artwork sales, so all in all the exhibition was a great success..




‘Nothing’s Gonna Keep You Here’ weaves together the narratives of seven contemporary artists, each bound by their own artistic destiny to the very soul of New Brighton. Curated with purpose and unwavering conviction, the exhibition serves as a profound testament to the diverse tapestry of human perspectives echoing through the streets of this seaside town. An essence that refuses to be confined and the promise that nothing can shackle the creative souls residing within our shores.'

Clare Chinnery, Curator.









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