Dark Earth Records

Dark Earth Records


Dark Earth Records, 16 Seaview Road, Wallasey, Merseyside. CH45 4LA

18 April 2024

Anyone who knows me is aware of my deep-rooted passion for heavy music. Raised by fervent heavy metal fans in the 70's, my parents instilled an early appreciation for the genre in me and my sister. One of my earliest musical memories dates back to my mother spinning Van Halen's iconic "Running with the Devil" from their debut S/T album. I can vividly recall poring over the back cover, utterly captivated by the enigmatic figures of the band members, particularly David Lee Roth, with his leather flares and unabashedly hairy chest. What a guy!

As a fan of heavy music throughout my life, frequenting shops like Dark Earth Records has been a ritual for me, so when Jim and Deb kindly extended an invitation to exhibit my work there, I was overjoyed. Drawing from a decade's worth of creative output, I've carefully curated a selection of pieces that I believe resonate with the dark ambiance of the venue. Each work has been chosen with the intention of complimenting the essence of Dark Earth Records and its thematic focus on heavy metal culture and the macabre.

The exhibition stands as a testament to the enduring influence of music in shaping both my identity and creativity. Im hopeful that my work pays homage to the gothic themes inherent within Dark Earth Records whist combining my love for heavy music with my passion for art. 


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